Years ago, my website was artMonster (Org and Net). I had gotten that name from a friend who misunderstood me saying I was going to call it artMeister. She heard Artmonster and it stuck.

Both the Art and the Monster were accurate though. I had gone back to making art after a very long time away. The monster stayed, but not the art. After what can only be called an epiphany, the art came back. The monster had paired up once again.

That pairing (back in the 80’s) was very productive. I lived and breathed my art. Success (as in money) was there too, just for the taking. I had other ideas though. Like the music scene, fame, fortune, drugs and hangers-on ruled. I hated it. So, I made money in other ways, remained obscure on purpose, and still prefer being “unknown”. There is great freedom in that.

Addendum, Nov. 12, 2019:

I decided to read my friend Crysta Casey’s last journal again. From 2003 to 2008, she was my lifeline, my best friend. When she died that of course died with her. I held back this last journal of hers; all her papers are held in the Special Collections Department at the University of Washington. So many memories, and people, came back into view. Her writing at the end was barely legible.

Her very last words on paper were “Sun June 3, 2008 2:38 PM My lower back hurts. I think it’s from sitting in that damned wheelchair too much. I sip coffee. I’ve been sleeping most of today..waking for meds, and occasional cig breaks.”She died early that morning on June 24th, 2008.

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