I  have had a personal website in one form or another since the late 90’s. A great deal has happened to me, and my life, since that first website I created. But the main focus has always been art. Mostly my own, but often to help promote other artists. These days it’s pretty much all about me. 

April 2020

    No stupid April fools jokes. No much of anything in this time of COVID.

    I am a bit late posting. Today is “The Ides of March”, notable for the Romans as a deadline for settling debts, as well as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar.

‍    My childhood was rather typical growing up in a Southern California beach town. At that time the town was pretty small. My parents did well with a restaurant, bar, and a couple rental properties. This allowed them to own their own home and have two cars in the garage. Like many immigrants, they worked very hard, and success came. But success in one thing does not guarantee success in any other thing. But that is a different story, for later. For now, let’s just go into how my life went from childhood to adult, seemingly skipping the teen years. By age 18 I had a choice to make. Be drafted into the military and go to Vietnam. Or enlist and hope to have some control over my destiny. I chose the latter. And it worked out. Until it didn’t. This is where the real journey starts. Where reality and the fantastical waged a battle that has been going on now for 52 years.

‍    I will take a break from past recollections, and contemplate what this new decade might mean. The first year will probably make or break us. Maybe not individually, but as a free nation. By free I mean free for all, not just the powerful and not just one race, ethnicity, gender, or religion, but all people.

‍    December means Christmas

‍    November spawned a monster.

‍    We all have many stories. 

‍They are only as true as we remember them.

‍It has been years since I last wrote (or blogged as it was called then), but I have been wanting to start again so now is as good a time as any…